Why Enterprise-level organisations should choose Tealeaf with Internetrix
Increase Revenue
  • Improve your online conversion rates
  • Real time struggle identification to discover and fix issues in your customer journey
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention through improved customer experience
  • Re-target and re-market to abandoned customers
Save Money
  • Understand, in detail, your call centre and customer service journey
  • Reduce costs through improved online self servicing to reduce calls to customer service teams
  • Reduce call centre call times by replaying the customer experience for issue identification
  • Detect and prevent fraud through session replay, archive and fraudulent event alerting
  • Maximise your return on investment in all areas of your business

 Internetrix provides the following Tealeaf services:

  • License sales and servicing
  • Product installation, upgrade and data migration
  • Dashboard and Report optimisation
  • Development and definition of metrics relevant to your business
  • Alerts and events creation
  • Fraud detection and protection analysis and configuration
  • Transaction and financial issue identification and improvement
  • Website UX recommendations and implementation
  • Re-marketing opportunities for customer retention
  • Account Management, Technical Support and Customer Service

 To make contact with Internetrix please email, phone or fill out our enquiry form.