What Is Tealeaf?

IBM Tealeaf® is a leading Customer Experience Management tool, developed to enhance visibility into and understanding of the online and mobile customer experience journey.

Understanding your customers’ experiences on your website is the key to the improving e-sales.

Successful e-commerce enterprises understand that Customer Experience Management is an important touchpoint to increase awareness, attraction, interaction, discovery, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy with customers.

IBM Tealeaf overcomes the historic challenges of tracking customers’ online experiences and helps businesses understand what their website users' complete journey is like, and what aspects of each visit may be stopping them from converting interest into purchases.

IBM’s Tealeaf technology has evolved and expanded to assist organisations with call centres, insurance companies, banking customer service teams, claims and legal departments and all medium to enterprise-sized online retailers.

Internetrix partners with IBM Tealeaf to deliver solutions that will help you grow your customer base and digital revenue, taking your business to the next level.


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