Proof of Concept

Would seeing Customer Experience through "your customers eyes" help your business prevent customer loss?

Is your Customer Experience impacting your ability to retain and convert your existing and potential customers?

IBM Tealeaf CX is a cutting-edge Customer Experience Management solution used with confidence by many Fortune 500 companies, major banks, and government agencies.


Tealeaf hosted solution for fast and effective Proof of Concept.

Tealeaf monitors Customer Experience by safely capturing and managing user interaction with your website. You can know exactly what went wrong and how revenue is affected.  

Proof of Concept (PoC) Benefits

The Tealeaf Proof of Concept powered by Internetrix is intended to familiarise your business with the Tealeaf software and clearly demonstrate the benefits it will provide. Internetrix's expertise in Customer Experience and Web Analytics provides valuable CX insights with minimum time and investment required.

A key advantage of the concept is that the business is offered a unique chance to fully experience the software in real-time conditions before making a purchase decision. 

Internetrix's Tealeaf Proof of Concept is located in Sydney (Australia) and or the China AWS datacenter.

To make contact with Internetrix please email, phone or fill out our enquiry form.