cxReveal Module

Delivers instant, replayable online access for customer service problem resolution.

IBM® Tealeaf® cxReveal makes use of the core functionality of the Tealeaf CX platform — session replay and search — and packages it into a simple user interface for efficient use by customer service representatives, sales associates and marketing personnel. Using one-click retrieval, users have instant access to both live and historical customer sessions from any existing CRM solution.

Accelerate the customer's problem resolution and reduce call-handle time with live customer sessions, and empower customers by coaching them to successfully complete a transaction.

Gain session history summary reports of historical activities of any given customer.

Replay session quick views about a chosen customer's session without having to replay the entire session.

Deliver activity dashboards and reporting to management with insight into CSR usage and training needs.

Quickly deploy to on-site and distributed employees through universal, web-based access.