cxOverstat Module

Strengthen understanding of user intent for more profitable outcomes

IBM Tealeaf® cxOverstat provides usability analytics to help analyze and understand user intention across digital interaction points, such as web and mobile. It allows teams throughout the enterprise to collaborate and quantify customer behavior data and turn it into real business insight. Tealeaf® cxOverstat is a scalable enterprise solution capable of supporting massive, high-volume sites and is an add-on product to the Tealeaf® CX platform and Tealeaf® cxImpact.

Replay, collaborate and prioritize workflows across teams using content captured through the snapshots gallery and highly visual segmentation and drill-down capabilities to understand why users struggle

Identify and understand which graphics and areas of a page draw the most attention and improve site design with click heat maps and attention maps.

Compare and contrast usability metrics with customized dimensions and segments in one view using comparison analytics.

Analyze customer clicks and hovers and how customers progress through form fields with link and form field analytics.

Detect and comply with areas of struggle for users with visual disabilities for an enhanced user experience based on accessibility and color contrast analytics.