Key Questions?

What does passive capture mean?

  • As traffic requests are routed into and back from your web server, a mirrored packet is sent to the Passive Capture Server. This means there is not impact on your visitors' experience and all website interaction is collected exactly as they occur. The data that comprises visitor interaction is never interfered with.

How real time is real time?

  • The capture and data processing runs in real time, the speed depends on the server capabilities and resources available to process the data. A server properly spec'd will process the data very quickly.

How secure is the collected data?

  • All data is encrypted and as secure as the web traffic packets moving in and out of your web server. The data stored on Tealeaf servers can either be destroyed or locked down to specific users.

If the data is destroyed doesn't that mean it is collected?

  • Data collection is highly customisable, so where necessary sensitive information field, such as credit card details, can be excluded form the collection process so the data never exists. Where required, for forensic accounting, the data is collected, obfuscated and / or hidden from users who do not require or do not have rights to the. All data can be destroyed in memory once it is no longer relevant. Tealeaf is not a PCI compliant tool, but it can adhere to PCI compliance with the correct configuration.

Isn't it just expensive replay technology?

  • Replay is one component of the product, not a key component. The product excels at struggle identification, meaning, activities visitors engage in that deliver a negative experience, driving them out of the conversion funnel. Replay is just a feature used to full understand what visitor behaviour lead to the abandonment. 

Does Tealeaf open up my web traffic to security vulnerabilities?

  • The Tealeaf on premise infrastructure rests inside of your DMZ, rendering it as safe as your existing web infrastructure. Deployment on the IBM Softlayer infrastructure also comes with a very high degree of security, Engaging a qualified IBM Tealeaf Business Partner will help ensure your security needs are met with a robust and secure implementation.

How do I know where my customers struggle?

  • These are the answers Tealeaf will provide to you. The metrics generated around the customer experience in the Tealeaf reporting help you identify were customers are experiencing difficulty. Once these activities have been identified they can be added to the product as events and associated with alerts, so you know in near real time when there are issues with individual or groups of users on your website.

Why can't I just use my analytics solution?

  • Tealeaf combined with the IBM Digital Analytics solution gives you the complete pictrure. Analytics software answers the question of How. How do you acquire your visitors, how do they interact on your website, how do they get to the various conversion points on your website. What analytics does not answer is the question of Why. Why are the visitors dropping  out of your conversion funnel, why are visitors struggling and leaving before converting, why did a particular visitors have a bad experience. Analytics provides insights into visitor behaviour, Tealeaf provides a complete picture of the visitors behaviour.

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